Introducing New Beard and Tattoo Dolls

I’m always looking to introduce new styles and ideas here at Whisper of the Pipit. Just recently, I’ve been hard at work creating some great new looks featuring beards and tattoos. You can even get a zombie doll!

Introducing Patrick!

I’ve had great fun adding Patrick to my collection. He’s got a great bushy beard and funky hair, and I’ve added a handlebar moustache to complete the look, too. He’s the first of several new dolls I’ve created in the last week or two, and I love the way he’s turned out. He also has tattoos along both his lower arms, and some trendy ripped jeans and a waistcoat to complete the look.


He’s very well-groomed, and just like all my other art dolls, no two versions of Patrick are ever exactly alike. If you order one (easy to do via the link HERE), you’ll receive a newly-made doll, created by me in my studio.

But there’s more…

Och aye!

Did you know the name Angus means ‘unique choice’? No, neither did I? But it seemed the best choice for my new Scottish art doll, complete with his lovely hand-painted kilt and sporran.


I decided to add an impressive tattoo on his right arm and chest, and I’ve given him a mop of hair, a thick moustache and a long beard too – and yes, it’s plaited! This is another new style for me, and one I really enjoyed playing around with. He looks like a confident kinda guy, don’t you think?

And there’s more…

Have you seen Luke yet? The guy with the blond hair and moustache, and a beard with flowers in it (optional)? He has some impressive tattoos, and the one across his chest says ‘creativity takes courage’. He’s a spiritual gangster, apparently!


There’s another guy in my collection, too, Ross with dark brown hair and a bushy beard. Look for his white t-shirt featuring another message – you’ll need to find him to see what it says! He’s got a cool spider-web tattoo on one arm, too.


As for the zombie, well, it looks as though this guy became a zombie a while ago. He’s still part-flesh, but his hands and skin are starting to show the bones beneath… and you may just spot some of his brain too. Are you brave enough to order this for a zombie fan you know?


There’s always something new going on at Whisper of the Pipit. I’ve enjoyed making these bearded and tattooed dolls; they tap into the current mood and style we see a lot today.

If you want to order, click HERE to be transported to the Beard + Tattoo Collection. And remember, you can always order your own selfie doll with tattoos or other features to suit. I’m always happy to answer any queries and make sure you get the doll you really want!


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