Searching for an Unusual Valentine’s Day Gift?

Valentine’s Day is fast coming over the horizon. It seems like only five minutes ago we were all hanging up our Christmas decorations too. Yet now, the shops are filled with red hearts and loving cards, not to mention all the romantic trimmings.

Some people are content with a nice card and perhaps a quiet meal at home to celebrate this most romantic of days. Others want to surprise their significant other with something special – perhaps a meal at a luxury restaurant or some beautiful roses.

However, if you want to go a step further, a personalised gift always goes down well. What better personalised gift could there be than a Whisper of the Pipit handmade art doll? My shop contains several ready-made dolls – those inspired by Western movies, bearded dolls, and even a zodiac dolls, for example. But by far the most popular dolls sold are those designed as selfie dolls.

selfie doll perfect valentines day gift 20

Would a selfie doll make the ideal Valentine’s Day gift?

I think so (but then I am probably slightly biased!). Dolls can be ordered as single dolls or as a couple. So, you could order a couple based on you and your loved one wearing your favourite outfits. Perhaps the outfits you were wearing on your first date? You can even include a pet if you own one!

The best thing about these selfie dolls is the ability to be creative. If you were planning on proposing this year, you could even have your selfie doll popping the question… perhaps with a comic bubble message as an add on, or a message written on your selfie doll’s t-shirt. Just think – what a memorable way to pop the important question and to have a lasting memory of it too.

Amber 6

Celebrating Valentine’s Day in style

I love the challenge of replicating someone’s dress style and appearance in a selfie doll. It takes many hours to produce the best result, so all my customers are delighted with their purchases. I love to see clear photos of the person I am creating the selfie doll for, so I can get the detailing just right in every aspect of their dress and style. So, whatever you have in mind for your loved one this Valentine’s Day, perhaps I can help you?

Valentine’s Day was thought to have begun way back in 496. Yes, that surprised me too! However, the day as we know it today has changed hugely since its very early origins. We all have our own ideas and ways to celebrate, and every year we make careful plans to make sure we create a romantic atmosphere and outcome.

Could selfie dolls factor into your plans this year? If you like the idea, get in touch as quickly as possible. Time is short and the big day is fast approaching. I’m ready to help you make your plans extra special this year.

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