Zodiac Collection (Part 1)

From the Crab to the Ram: Introducing the Zodiac Doll Collection

Do you know which star sign you were born under? There are 12 in all, and I am delighted to have produced the first few dolls in my Zodiac Doll collection. The 12 signs are divided into four types – air, water, earth, and fire. Knowing which group your star sign falls into is enough to provide some clues to your personality.

zodiac dolls collection

For example, do you have the supportive nature seen in the water signs, Cancer, Scorpio, and of course Pisces? Perhaps you are creative and intelligent, which could mark you as one of the fire signs – Aries, Leo, or Sagittarius. The earth signs are down to earth, just as you’d expect, and we can include the reliable and emotional Taurus, Capricorn, and Virgo signs among them. Finally, the air signs of Gemini, Aquarius, and Libra are the social butterflies among us, but they’re also book lovers. Where do you fit in?

virgo sign 3

Discover your star sign in the Zodiac doll collection today

I am hard at work creating a doll for each star sign. There are six listed to date, ranging from the fiery Aries doll in her bright red dress, to the cute Cancer doll wearing a crab-like hat and a big smile.

aries doll


Every doll is instantly recognisable as a creation that reflects the individual star sign. However, as you look more closely, you will see there are fascinating details included on each one.

Aries doll 5

Aries is a fire sign, so she is wearing red and has glorious red hair too. Associated with the ram, you will see a ram’s horns on either side of her head. She doesn’t seem to mind! The doll also features Aries stitched into her chest along with the simple sign for the Aries star sign.

Aries doll front etsy

Meanwhile, Taurus is associated with a bull, so you will see a bull’s horns adorning the head of this doll. I’ve stitched the emblem for the star sign onto her forehead, where she wears it as a proud tattoo of sorts. On her blue dress, you will find four traits a woman born under Taurus can expect to have. If you are a Taurus, do you have these same traits, I wonder?

Taurus doll zodiac gift 2 whiten

One-of-a-kind dolls you will love

If you cannot see your star sign in the collection, don’t worry. I am gradually creating a doll for each star sign. With many hours’ work involved with each one, it takes time to add each new design to the website. Furthermore, these truly are one-of-a-kind. Only one of each design will ever be made, so once one sells, that’s it – it is gone forever. Except for the Gemini doll – since this is the sign of the twins, the listing is for two dolls, exhibiting the two sides of every Gemini! There is still just one set to be claimed though.


leo etsy 2

Explore the world of the Zodiac dolls today and see if your character is accurately represented by your doll. Will you give one a home?

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