Changing Styles at Whisper of the Pipit

I’ve always been passionate about creating art dolls. I’ve never thought too much about how things have changed since I first set up my business, but every time I look at old photos or update my site, the changes are clear.

December 2014

I haven’t set out to make deliberate changes to the way I create my art dolls, but of course things do change. I’ve found better ways to do things, and discovered methods that make the finished doll even better than it was previously.

September 2016

From old faces to new

A good example is the changing shape of my dolls’ faces. When I started creating them, I tended to use oval faces. Now, they are usually more rounded. I also noticed the lips were smaller on the original dolls. This can still be the case, though – it depends whether the person is smiling or not. If they are, their alter-ego doll will be smiling, too.

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Closed or open eyes?

If you order from my shop now, you’ll see you typically get an option for whether you want your doll to have closed or open eyes. That wasn’t originally the case. I always went for closed eyes. Adding the option for open eyes has been great, because I’ve used some wonderful coloured threads to create all kinds of eye colours.

Each doll’s eyebrows tend to have more definition depending on what’s required, too. That’s a great step in the right direction, and one I’m really pleased with. Funny how I never noticed all these subtle changes taking place until I saw old and new photos side-by-side!


Getting bendy!

Yes, my original dolls never had bendy arms or legs. Now they do, and that allows for lots of different positions to be created. When I made a Wonder Woman doll for a customer, I could bend the legs in just the right way to replicate the pose in the photo I was given. I could also put her hands on her hips in the classic Wonder Woman pose.

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Now when you order your selfie dolls from me your doll can be placed in any position you’d like.

Does everything change?

No – some of the best things have stayed the same throughout. I’ve never changed the fabrics I use, because I found the best-quality ones from the start. I’ve also stuck with the same stitching techniques. These allow me to put a great deal of detail into each doll, no matter what is required and who it is for.

Created in 2014
Created in 2015
Created in 2016
Created in 2016
Created in 2017

I suppose I have reinvented and rediscovered my style over the years. It’s been an amazing journey so far, and I wonder whether any other subtle changes will creep in over time, too. I’m always making tiny improvements to the way I package and ship each art doll too. I want the experience of opening it when it arrives to be the best it can possibly be.


It’s been an enjoyable learning curve to navigate over the years, and I look forward to the next part of the curve to come. I never know what challenges I’ll be given next – but each one is a delight to meet!

Want to order a selfie doll for yourself or your loved ones? Simply click on the photo to be transported to the selfie art dolls collection at  or drop me an email to   and let’s start creating!

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  1. Julie says:

    Adore your dolls!


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