The Most Rewarding Part of My Business

Ah, there are many rewarding elements, of course, and choosing one is difficult. But receiving positive feedback from a customer is by far the best of them all.


Many hours of work go into every art doll I create. While I pay close attention to detail and make sure everything is perfect before carefully packaging up the doll to send out, I never know what the reaction will be. So, I post the doll and hope to get good feedback. And I am still delighted whenever I receive an unexpected email from a customer who is thrilled with their doll. It doesn’t matter whether the doll is for them or will be a gift for someone else. It is truly amazing to receive positive reactions in either case.


The thrill of opening the package

I’ve written before about the care and attention I place on packaging up each doll to be posted to the recipient. With a whole host of tissue papers, packaging materials and cards to choose from, I can ensure every art doll makes the journey from my studio to its new owner safely and securely. But of course, these details also mean the experience of opening the package is (hopefully!) a delightful one.




I love receiving photos of customers opening their packages and discovering the art dolls within. It’s also lovely to see the doll in its new surroundings and home, perhaps in pride of place on a shelf. I feel very humbled that people want to share their experience of opening the parcel and how they felt when they saw their doll for the first time.



Coming back for more

While the positive feedback is truly lovely, and gives me such confidence and a positive energy boost, there is nothing better than receiving repeat orders from the same customer. There have been times when someone has ordered an art doll from my shop, and later they have come back with a personal commission. Sometimes they have ordered an art doll for a fan of a TV character, and sometimes they have ordered a selfie doll for a friend, perhaps for a birthday gift.


Repeat business is always welcomed and is wonderful to get. And since some customers show off their art dolls on their social media channels too, it can’t hurt to get some additional publicity!


While it’s nice to have positive responses from customers, I find it particularly nice that people take the time to send photos of their dolls and let me know about the experience of opening them. This lets me know I am on the right track, because I love to provide an all-round superb experience for my customers. Everything I can do to enhance that experience is more than worth doing, and receiving positive feedback is a great way to know I am doing well.


So, when you order an art doll from me, you can be sure you will get the best experience when you take delivery of it!

To order your selfie doll click HERE and let’s start creating!:)

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