‘Tis the Season to Be Jolly – and Tidy! My Little Santa’s Workshop Sneak Peek

My, can it really be nearly that time again? The run-up to the festive season has been very busy here at Whisper of the Pipit, and once again I find myself wrapping orders and putting the finishing touches of Christmas sparkle to each order.


I love the wrapping process throughout the year, but I particularly enjoy the festive wrapping! It’s the best time of the whole year for me, especially as I start each day with a hot chocolate, complete with marshmallows melting on top… ah, bliss!


Staying organised

Thankfully, I’m an organised person and I find I can work better when I have clean uncluttered surfaces to work on. Before I begin a new project, I clean my desktop after the last one. It enables me to begin afresh and to focus on the tasks at hand.


I believe an organised, tidy business is a productive one, which is why I periodically shred any papers that are no longer needed. I also clear out anything that is in the wrong place or isn’t required anymore.

My Christmas rush generally begins in the first week of October, so if I don’t make the effort to keep things tidy, it can get very hectic here by the time I get to the last week before Christmas and the looming last posting dates come up. I like to make sure everything goes out nice and early so there is plenty of time for it to arrive, but I don’t skimp on those extra packaging details either.



Everything in its place…

If you’ve seen photos of my studio before, you’ll know everything has its place to be. I have a wrapping station where papers, ribbons and tissues are kept, and they are all organised into their respective colours too. I like to know where everything is so I can reach out and get the right item at the time I need it most.


And of course, since it is nearly Christmas, all my recent orders have gone out with festive wrapping. I’ve gone for lots of pastels this year – mint green, light blue and gold in every parcel. I’ve also popped a handwritten Christmas message with good wishes for the festive season to each of my lovely customers.



Some people hate the task of wrapping Christmas presents, so I can imagine you might think I would hate it when I wrap my orders as well. But since I’m organised and I love crafts and arty items, I actually love it! I even have some festive Christmas ribbons involved this year, so everyone who will unwrap an art doll this year will get an experience, and not just a doll to open.


So, here we are then, with a nice tidy workshop and packing station. In the next few days, things will be winding down before Christmas arrives, with everything safely posted off to their new owners. Have a wonderful Christmas this year and enjoy!


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