Closed or Open? It’s All About the Eyes in Modern Doll Making

If you think dolls are only for young children, think again. It’s still possible to enjoy dolls as an adult, although they tend to be very different once you get past a certain age. More people than ever are discovering the delights of art dolls – dolls created to look like famous people, or even like the individual ordering one. Yes, you can have an art doll made to look like you, right down to your favourite outfit.

But if you did place this order, would you want the eyes of your doll to be open or closed?


A new trend in doll making

The eyes have it… or so they say. You’ve probably seen the traditional look most dolls have, with the eyes fully open. But there is something mystical about a doll with closed eyes. The detail is just as good and there’s no need for the doll to look sad just because their eyes are closed.

Look at some of the examples of closed-eyes dolls on my site and you’ll see what I mean. This look suits art dolls, don’t you think?



Male or female?

You do sometimes notice a difference between female art dolls and male art dolls. The eyes can be of different sizes in each case. Many of the female dolls have large eyes, whereas the guys have smaller ones. A lot is down to personal choice, of course, and what would make sense in each case. If you’re buying an art doll to represent a friend who is known for their big brown eyes, it would be a shame to have them closed!



The type of doll you order may also make the decision for you. I created a Wonder Woman doll recently that had open eyes. This showcased the lovely blue eyes the original Wonder Woman, Lynda Carter, had. Moreover, if she’d had her eyes closed, she wouldn’t have seen the bad guys heading in her direction, am I right?


The manga and anime big-eye look

The personalisation that’s possible with an art doll also means it’s incredibly easy to work in larger eyes if required. You’ve no doubt seen manga and anime characters. They always have big eyes – it’s one of the main features they’re known for. They’re deliberately exaggerated and are far out of proportion to the other facial features. Have you noticed how mouth is usually much smaller as well?

That’s what makes manga and anime characters so appealing and fascinating to look at. These Japanese creations are amazing, and the look is very easy to replicate in an art doll. So, if you know someone who has a favourite anime or manga character, you could have an art doll made to look like them. Or, you could get an art doll of your friend designed in the manga look. How original would that be? A real one-of-a-kind!

So, what’s good for you? Open or closed eyes?


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