Doll houses can be very big and quite expensive, so here’s an alternative for you – a nice roomhouses.

What is a roomhouse?

Room-houses are small boxes design to hold a single room scale display for miniatures and models. Room boxes are much deeper than standard window boxes as they are meant to resemble a full size doll house. They are usually made out of plywood. They are also much cheaper than dollhouses. Below are some of my favourite ready room-houses.

Joyful Girl Gypsy Heart – Family run small business which specialises in dollhouse building and miniature making. Their room-houses are one of my favourite. They can be also found on Etsy.


Alailadoll is an Etsy shop that sells doll house accessories as well as room-houses. Their room-houses are great for 16cm dolls.


BelachixDollWorld is based in Tallinn, Estonia. They have lovely bright designs. In their shop you’ll find 1/4 and 1/6 room-boxes, furniture as well as diorama accessories. I love their pastel color palette.


Craft Supplies World – or you can build one yourself with DIY kit cubes. Their dollhouses have very detailed interior design, and it also comes with led lights and musical movement.
The pictures shows finished product. What you will receive is a package of materials you need to assemble them into this dollhouse.


How about making one from the scratch?

Below you’ll find some great place where you can buy elements for your project.

Bromley Craft Products – This store has everything you’ll need to create your dream doll room-house. They have house frames, carpets and floor tiles, wallpaper and tiles, curtains, rugs and mats, roof tiles and slates, fireplaces and all sorts of interior decorating materials and fittings, lightning and wiring. They also have lots of house accessories like garden and house plants, kitchenware, food, not to mention the tools needed for dollhouse construction (hobby tools). It’s a real paradise for someone who would love to build their own doll house.

Screen Shot 2016-08-28 at 10.18.50

Ebay is also a good place to look for inspiration and products. Just take a look at this cute mint green motor home. It is a DIY Wooden Dollhouse Miniature Kit with LED light, music and voice control.

Screen Shot 2016-08-28 at 10.20.37


Or just get really creative and make it out of a cereal box, just like My Froggy Stuff shows on her youtube DIY tutorial. Hope this post has inspired you to make something really unique for your one-of-a-kind art doll.


DIY room-house useful links:

How to make a simple room-house from Baltic Birch Plywood.

Use inexpensive book board to build a doll room-house

How to make a custom sized box with hinged sides to display your treasures

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