Art dolls – handmade vs mass-produced

Handmade dolls are truly one of a kind

Of course I’m biased. My personalised made-to-order handmade art dolls are unique and special. 

I do understand there’s a market for mass-produced dolls, particularly those that are made for children to play with.  And let’s face it, most of us have adored one favourite doll that we dragged everywhere as a child.  Doll collecting has been around for thousands of years and many traditional mass-produced dolls are still highly desirable.

But my artdolls are different.  My mission is to produce beautifully handcrafted art dolls that are complete one-offs.  They are mini.  They are custom-made.  They are delicate.  They are created from fine fabrics and attachments. 

Handmade means that every single inch of an artdoll is created to perfection.  And I need to make sure that nothing leaves my studio less than perfect.  Handmade also means that I can create exactly what my customers want and my philosophy is to make each artdoll as individual and detailed as possible.  Happy customers equals loyal customers.

So there you have it.  Have I influenced you?  I hope so.  Get in touch soon to discuss how I can create a very individual handmade art doll just for you.

Oh, and yes, did I forget to mention?  My handmade art dolls are very collectible too!

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