Why do we like to collect things?

There’s a collector in all of us.  Or so they say.   But what drives us to collect?  And when does it start?

It’s known that our fascination for collecting starts in early childhood.  It’s the comfort blanket or cuddly toy that teaches us we can have an emotional bond with an object.  Something that we can hold on to and gives us a positive and happy feeling.  And so the ‘collecting’ of things begins.

And what do we start collecting first?  Well, dolls of course.  And cuddly toys.  Boys tend to go on to Action Men, cars, trucks, and soldiers.  It’s the connection with something we can keep and cherish forever that harnesses the collecting instinct in all of us.

And that’s where I come in.  My customised handmade art dolls bring the age-old collecting and the modern-day selfie-era together in a fun and creative way.  And, even better, handmade art dolls are loved by guys and dolls!

Start off with one personalised art doll and you’ll be tempted to collect more. I can create selfie art dolls, mini-me dolls, portrait dolls, customised dolls of friends and family, and tribute dolls of your fav stars.

Take a look here and start your collection today.

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