Top ten gift ideas for art doll collectors

1. Gift for yourself – a mini-me art doll

Treat yourself.  A mini-me version of beautiful you!

2. Birthday gift for your hubbie, wife, or partner – a personalised art doll

A recreation of your loved one in wonderful miniature size.  Go on, choose their favourite outfit, I love being creative.

3. Unique customised gifts for family or friends

Looking for a unique gift that your friend will adore?  Choose their favourite singer, artist, actor, or story-book character?  Tribute dolls make great gifts.  Props no problem!

4.Happy ever after wedding day gift – husband and wife art dolls

My handmade art dolls make unique gifts for the happy couple.  A life-long reminder of their happy day.

5. Anniversary gift – a celebration of art doll togetherness

Special anniversary year?  I can custom design the art dolls to reflect anniversary themes and colours.

6. Mother or Father’s day gift – art doll of mum or dad

Say ‘you’re the best’ to mum and dad with their very own mini-me creations.

7. Leaving day gift – saying ‘goodbye’ in art doll style

Saying ‘goodbye’ to a favourite colleague?  They’ll remember you forever with a mini art doll.

8. Cake toppers – art dolls ‘on top of the world’

Cakes are for all kinds of celebrations.  And cake topper art dolls take the biscuit! 

9.  Just to say ‘I love you’ – art dolls and romance

Say ‘I love you’ in style with a beautiful personalised art doll.

10. Celebrating families the art doll way

Showcase the whole family with mini-me versions of everyone! 

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