Top 7 breathtaking modern dollhouses and accessories

Did you play with a dollhouse when you were little? Did you built one from scratch using cardboard shoe boxes? Well, I always dreamt of having a dollhouse but never had one until I had a child of my own. Wherever your imagination took you as a child, now it’s time to reclaim that imagination. There’s something about little houses that makes us stop for a second and admire the creativity, engineering skills and craftsmanship.

I’m the opposite of a Victorian doll house enthusiast. I love a little grounded Hobbit House or a Tree House, not to mention Rob Heard’s creations but ‘less is more’ and minimalism has taken over in me. Today I’d like to show you some of my favourite dollhouses. Just take a look at these fabulous minimalistic dollhouses and house accessories!

  1. Mostly Miniature – Steph make on-trend modern miniatures /dollhouse furnishings. She will help you create magazine-worthy dollhouse!


2. Julia Valka Mini Modern Designs – She does mini furniture, mini decorations, mini soft furnishings and full dolls house interior design.


3. Nalleshouse – Her minimalist style is absolutely breathtaking.


4. Whimsy Woods Designs – Unique and bespoke children’s items. Dollhouse furniture, bedding and decor.


5. Paper Imagination – Kasia not only creates beautiful dollhouses out of cardboard but also has a regular freebies on her website!


6. Leetle Chicken Shop – Sara, the owner of Leetle Chicken Shop is sharing a fun project that she put together with some popular kids brands. Just look at this cute little house.

Screen Shot 2016-08-23 at 20.26.58


7. Miniio Modern Dollhouses – a shop run by mums who dreamt of pink dresses, silk ribbons, dressing up in ball gowns and playing with doll houses.


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