From Girl Power to the Power of Women

Remember when Girl Power was a thing? We’re way beyond the golden age of the Spice Girls now, though, even though they’re all still famous for various reasons. But while Girl Power might have receded into the background, it’s been replaced by some powerful women.

We’ve got our second female Prime Minister. America could be on the verge of electing their first female President. Then there’s the Scottish First Minister and of course Angela Merkel, the female Chancellor in Germany. But it’s not just politics and the news that are bringing powerful women into our homes on virtually a daily basis.

You might wonder what inspired this blog post. Well, I’ve just put the finishing touches to a Hillary Clinton doll for one of my clients, and as I was creating her it got me thinking about women in general and how different things are for us today. We’re surrounded by so many more positive images of women in lots of ways. if you saw Frozen, you’ll know the two sisters, Elsa and Anna, are the depiction of true love in the story – rather than Anna being thawed from her frozen sleep by Prince Hans. This take on The Snow Queen, the story by Hans Christian Andersen, has no doubt inspired many.


We’ve also seen quite a few female superheroes on the screen in recent times. And next year, Wonder Woman gets her own film to star in as well – ready for the summer 2017 season. It’s no wonder we are all feeling quite inspired!

It’s certainly been a time of change, but it’s been quite subtle too. Only now do I start reading a few articles commenting on the number of powerful women in the world, making major decisions for good or bad (just as the men do). Inspiration is all around us, but I can remember a time when there weren’t as many inspiring women on our screens – small screens and movie screens – as there are now. Seeing all these images around us must be quite powerful for young girls, even if they do not yet realise the power of those images.

Politics, for example, is often seen as a man’s world. But with so many women taking up major positions in politics, both here and abroad, surely it cannot be seen that way for much longer. It does make me wonder how the young girls of today – those just starting school for the first time – will grow up with so many positive images of women all around them. Things have changed a lot in the past few decades, even since I was a girl.


I’ve created quite a few art dolls depicting powerful women recently. From Hillary Clinton to Wonder Woman, it’s been an inspiring time for me as a creator. That’s what prompted this blog post. I’m not sure who inspires me most as a woman, but we’ve probably all got our own ideas and influences we can thank in our own lives, don’t you think?


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