How to keep your doll in tip top shape and free from dust

Your fabric art doll needs looking after.  How to keep it dust-free?  If she’s displayed without any protection just gently rub your art doll with your finger-tips being careful not to damage the fabric and simply blow or shake the dust away.  Don’t let dust to accumulate as it will create a hard-to-remove layer of dirt on your dolls. If you can’t store your dolls in an enclosed cabinet, be sure to remove the dust on a regular basis. I keep mine on a shelf next to my computer and shake the dust off regularly.  Here’s how it looks.


Nothing fades the fabrics quicker then the sunlight so avoiding the direct natural light would be a good idea. I know this isn’t always possible, but closed cabinets will keep your doll away from dust, some light and pets. Keeping your doll under the glass will do more to preserve it than nearly anything else.

Do you have any display ideas for handmade art dolls?

Yes, lots!  Many of my clients have come up with some excellent and creative ways to display their art dolls and to keep them dust-free.


One customer asked me to add a little loop to his doll’s head and it hangs in the car on a mirror.  Even better, it swings the dust free!

There are lots of decorative glass dome bell jars out there, like these.  Protective wonderlands for your customised handmade art dolls.


And what about mini-greenhouses?  Perfect little display houses for one or more of your art dolls.  Ikea has a great selection. Just checkout these great ideas.

I think this display takes the prize.

One customer’s entire movie set art doll display for a Rocky Horror Picture Show convention.  Gloriously depicted in one frame box.   Hard to beat eh?!

Contact me for more display ideas.

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