Are you a budding art doll collector?

Here are 15 of the best art doll collector magazines and websites.

HauteDoll – publish bi-monthly, this magazine is the premier fashion doll and BJD magazine.

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Art Doll Quarterly Magazine – This full-color, 128-page publication is dedicated to art dolls and sculptural figures made from cloth, polymer clay, Creative Paperclay®, wire armatures, mixed-media, and much more. In each issue, you will find creative challenges, doll-artist profiles, convention listings and reviews, book and video reviews, and a 35-page gallery of art dolls made by our readers. Occasionally, original doll patterns will also be shared with our readers.

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Doll Collector is bi-monthly. Features include how to collect and where to buy, restoring dolls, and display ideas.  See breathtaking colour photos of some of the world’s most beautiful dolls.

Antique Doll Collector magazine is a complete monthly guide to antique, vintage and collectible dolls.  A parade of dolls delivered to your home every month!

Antique Doll Collector facebook page helps you interact and communicate with like-minded doll collectors.

Doll is a monthly UK magazine, available in print and online.  It brings you bang up to date on all things doll collecting.

Doll News is the official journal of the United Federation of Doll Clubs and is well-respected worldwide. Published quarterly it is filled with fascinating articles about doll collecting.

Contemporary Doll Collector Magazine – Doll Collector is a bimonthly magazine featuring collectible dolls. Coverage includes everything from the classic antiques of the last century, to childhood favourites from the ‘30s, ‘40s, and ‘50s, to Barbie and friends, and to the artist dolls of today—all coupled with award-winning writing, design and our signature color photography. Articles are provided by industry-leading doll experts covering issues and persons pertinent to collectors, such as “how to collect” tips; current values; up-to-date research; collector, museum and doll artist profiles; doll displaying; buying and selling dolls; doll Debut; Fanfare – introducing the industry’s newest attractions; doll shows and club news; doll gallery; and miniatures. With over 75,000 international readers bimonthly, advertising in Doll Collector is the only way to reach today’s doll collectors.

Doll Reader magazine is the premier periodical for a growing world of doll enthusiasts. Published 9 times a year, Doll Reader provides the most up to date information on old and new dolls.

The Dolls Show is the leading UK dolls show events listing.  Visit one of these events and be inspired.

Collectors Weekly is an online presence for all types of collectors and has a special section for doll and art doll collectors.

Soft Dolls & Animals magazine is the perfect companion for people who love to make or collect cloth dolls, teddy bears, or animals. Each bimonthly issue contains how-to projects for all levels of skill, techniques on topics such as pattern drafting and needle-sculpting, profiles on some of the world’s most recognised fabric-craft artists, plus a full-size pullout pattern section.


The Barbie Collection is dedicated to lovers and collectors of Barbie Dolls.

The Collectors Club of Great Britain has a dedicated section for doll collectors and is a fantastic online resource for collecting enthusiasts.

The Doll Club of Great Britain started in 1953 and ensures the preservation of old and interesting dolls, doll’s houses and accessories.  Become a member and enjoy talks, study days, museum visits and other trips.

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