Why is doll collecting so addictive?

Call it ‘collecting’, call it a ‘passion’, call it ‘retail therapy’.  Whatever it is, there’s a collector in all of us.  But just what is it that makes doll collecting so special?

Could it be that it stems from our childhood?  Most of us cared for and played with our favourite dolly or cuddly toy that would go everywhere with us.  And then we moved on to Barbies, Fisher Price dolls, Polly Pockets, Action Men, Transformers and Cabbage Patch dolls.  Ring a bell anyone?

Screen Shot 2016-08-26 at 15.38.21
Image credit: en.paperblog.com

For some us, our passion for doll collecting continued.  The history of doll making through the ages is fascinating stuff and takes us from the rag dolls of the 18th century, through to the Bisque and Kewpie dolls of the late 1800s, the Barbies of the 20th century, to the Disney Princesses of today.

Screen Shot 2016-08-26 at 15.41.59
Bettina Dorfmann is passionate about Barbie. Her collection now comprises 17,000 dolls. Image credit: http://www.wz.de

For me, doll collecting is about fashion, individuality, and collectability.  And my collectible handcrafted dolls represent this philosophy to a tee.  They are all one-offs, they represent style and fashion, and they are as individual as you could possibly make them.  After all, many of them are mini-me versions of ‘you’, and there’s only one ‘you’, isn’t there?


Oh, and there’s one important thing about doll collecting that I’ve left out.  They always pull at our heart-strings.

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