Handmade art dolls – the studio tour


Here’s where it all happens. A clean, bright, fresh, sunny and highly organised space, specifically designed with artistry in mind.  Each stage of my made to order doll-making process has its own creative space, each tool its own special place.  As the saying goes, there’s a place for everything, and everything in its place, and I’m a firm believer that harmony and creativity go hand-in-hand.

So come on in.  Let me take you on a guided tour.  This is where every aspect of the design and engineering of my handcrafted art doll business happens. I need to make sure that it works perfectly for me.



Handmade art dolls – the complete studio


Let’s talk about the whole space.  Light, I need lots of it.  My handmade art dolls are intricate, and light is crucial.  There’s lots of bright natural light streaming from the window, with white painted walls all around.   The office, painting and wrapping station is no less important and everything is within hand’s reach.  Spotted the chairs?  Just a reminder to myself, am I being ‘creative’ or am I being ‘the boss’?  Yes, that’s right, I juggle the two!




Handmade art dolls – the crafting space


I’m a stickler for detail. And this goes for my crafting space too.  There’s a shelving unit on the right for storing fabrics, wools, yarns, tools, brushes, ribbons and more.  A light and bright central work station table top for sewing machine and threads, and lots of desk space for designing and cutting too.  And more shelves and storage boxes to the left, making art dolls is a detailed process.

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Handmade art dolls – painting and wrapping


Look to the other side of the elegant whitewashed fireplace for painting and wrapping. I want to ensure that your individualised handmade art doll leaves my studio nothing less than perfect. I keep my ‘orders’ list on a blackboard, I keep my paints and brushes where I can see them, I keep a whole desk space clear for personalised wrapping and packaging, and I even keep a selection of wrapping tapes clearly visible on the wall so I know exactly which tape is good for which box.  There’s beauty in the wrapping too.

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Handmade art dolls – the office space


And finally, the office space. Taking new orders, processing orders, and keeping in touch with my customers.  It’s all part and parcel of Whisper of the Pipit’s day-to-day mission, that is, to provide beautifully handcrafted art dolls.  Greeting customers, talking to customers, making them happy, and giving them exactly what they want.  Hand-stitched and hand-painted individual art dolls that they will treasure forever.

mottooffice side3acomputer


Handmade art dolls – get in touch


So there you have it.  My maker’s den in a nutshell.  It works for me and therefore it works for you.  Get in touch soon to chat about how I can help design and create a beautiful handmade gift for you, your friend or your loved one.  I’d love to help.

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